Kevin Lincoln’s grandfather, a Mexican Immigrant, came to California seeking the American opportunity. Settling in South Stockton, he raised his family, became a United States citizen and instilled in his children and grandchildren a sense of pride in their heritage and their Country.

Born in Stockton, Kevin Lincoln was raised in an Army family and was inspired to serve others. Throughout his youth, Kevin served in many community outreach programs providing food and clothes to the homeless and those in need. Kevin also volunteered at the California Youth Authority where he spoke to and encouraged youth in the juvenile justice system.

With a desire to serve his Country, Kevin joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC) in 2001 and began his training at the military police academy. Kevin was later recruited by the White House Military Office and assigned to Marine One, where he would serve President George W. Bush.

Following his service in the military, Kevin worked for one of the nation’s top private security companies for eight years in the Silicon Valley. He would ultimately serve as District Manager, responsible for an annual budget of over 55 million, a district support staff of 22 personnel and a total employee base of over 1300.

In 2013 Kevin felt the desire to resign his corporate position to serve the community of Stockton through full-time ministry at a local church. In his ministry work, Kevin assists those in need find the resources that will aid them and give them hope. Many of the groups he works with cater to the working poor.

Kevin and his wife Bonnie have been married for 14 years and have two wonderful children.

Better Paying Jobs for San Joaquin County Residents
Our County needs better paying jobs so those that work to provide for their families have a paycheck that meets their needs. I will work for education reform that prepares students through vocational training programs and work to alleviate burdensome regulations that hinder business.

Assist the poor and underserved communities
My number one priority will be to represent those that have been underserved in San Joaquin County. Throughout my youth, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to serve my community through outreach programs that assisted the homeless and incarcerated juvenile offenders. This was the inspiration that led me to full time ministry. I am proud of the work my church has done to assist those in need including the working poor and struggling middle class.

Combat Crime
As a husband and father of two beautiful children I know the anxiety parents have about our county's violent crime. As your Assemblyman, I will fight to ensure San Joaquin County residents are safe from those that would do us harm. We need to fix the revolving door of criminals in California. We also need to focus on rehabilitation while ensuring the those that have no interest in rehabilitation serve their full prison terms.

Fight the Twin Tunnels
I will fight Governor Brown’s ill-conceived Twin Tunnels plan. The Tunnels would decimate the San Joaquin County economy and our environment. The multi-billion-dollar price tax of the Tunnels would be shouldered by San Joaquin County residents through taxes and water rate increases.

Stop High Speed Rail
I oppose Governor Brown's $68 billion high-speed rail fiasco. The price tag on this train to nowhere has skyrocketed and now even San Francisco politicians like Gavin Newsome are opposed to high speed rail. We need to take the money for high speed rail and invest it in middle-class tax cuts and new water storage.

Protect the 2nd Amendment
As a Marine I fought to defend our Constitutional Rights. Our Second Amendment rights are under assault every day in Sacramento. I will continue to stand up against those that infringe on our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Oppose AB 1066
I join local Ag leaders in opposing AB 1066. This coupled with the recently passed minimum wage increase will cripple out local Ag economy. Many farm workers with either lose jobs though automation or have their hours cut.

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